Fred Durst bio, Net worth, Movie, Wife, Childhood, Facts

February 28, 2019Fred Durst bio, Net worth, Movie, Wife, Childhood, Facts

Who is Fred Durst?

Fred Durst is an American musician and director of the film. Most people know him as the vocalist of the American rap rock band ' Limp Bizkit. ' In addition, he has previously played in a number of local bands in Jacksonville, Florida.

In the Early life of Fred Durst

Durst was born in Gastonia, North Carolina, on August 20, 1970, as William Frederick Durst. He was born to Robert and Anita Durst's parents. Throughout his childhood, he grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. As a child, he developed an interest in breakdancing, hip hop, punk rock, and heavy metal. Fred's of American nationality. Furthermore, there are currently no details on his ethnic background. His mother works in a church, and his father is a retired police officer. Speaking about his education, Durst attended the Douglas Anderson School of Arts and the Hunter Huss High School.

In the Musical Career of Fred Durst

 Fred Durst performing for his band Limp Bizkit

Fig: Fred Durst performing for his band Limp Bizkit

Durst initially worked as a landscape artist and tattoo artist. Later, in 1994, he jammed with Malachi Sage's bassist Sam Rivers and Rivers ' cousin John Otto and wrote three songs. In addition, their band ' Limp Bizkit' developed a cult following in the underground music scene. The band also signed with Flip Records in 1997. The band released their debut album ' Three Dollar Bill, Y'all.' Since then, the band has released several other singles and albums.

Limp Bizkit ' released albums including' Significant Other,'' Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water,'' New Old Songs,'' Results May Vary' and' Gold Cobra,' among others. Apart from his career in music, Durst has also appeared in several movies and television series such as' House,'' Sorry, Haters,'' Revelations,'' Be Cool,'' Pauly Shore Is Dead' and' Zoolander,' among others. In addition, he has 24 credits as a director and 3 credits as a producer.

How much is the net worth of Fred Durst?

Fred Durst a Musician

Fig: Fred Durst a Musician

Durst did not reveal his current salary. However, he currently has an estimated net value of around $ 20 million.

In the Personal life(Wives) of Fred Durst

 Fred Durst with his ex wife Kseniya Beryazina

Fig: Fred Durst with his ex wife Kseniya Beryazina

Fred Durst has been married three times in total. He was married to Rachel Tergeson from 1990 to 1993. The pair have a daughter named Adriana May Durst together. The second marriage of Fred was with Esther Nazarov. The couple had a short marriage. Durst married maker Kseniya Beryazina in 2012. They subsequently filed for divorce in September 2018. Fred also dated Jennifer Thayer, with whom he had a son named Dallas Durst. He also dated Krista Salvatore, Kelly Princeton, Paris Hilton, Masha Novoselova, Pamela Anderson, Geri Halliwell, Natalie Raitano, Nicole Narain, Thora Birch, Michelle Dupont, Jennifer Thayer, Tara Reid, Summer Altice, Jaime Bergman, Jennifer Rovero, Kimberly Pressler, and Rachel Hunter.

Rumors and controversy about Fred Durst

Durst was part of several controversies in his career. His performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2000 received negative responses. In addition, during the Summer Sanitarium Tour concert, he was heckled by fans. In addition, he became part of the controversy after his sex tape was released on the Internet in February 2005. In addition, there are currently no rumors about Fred's life and career.

Facts of Fred Durst

Durst is active in social media. He has a large number of followers on social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter. It has more than 1.2 M followers on Twitter. In  addition,he has more than 173k followers on Instagram. Similarly, the ' Limp Bizkit ' Facebook page has more than 4 M followers.


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