Frances Cain bio: current activities, career, and net worth

December 30, 2017Frances Cain bio: current activities, career, and net worth

Who is Frances Cain?

Frances Cain is the ex-wife of the well-known British TV personality, Jeremy Clarkson. She is a strong, determined & quite the business savvy woman. Frances has helped to shape Clarkson’s career and supported him in becoming the success he is today.

Recent Activities

Frances was found to be enjoying a sun-soaked break in Barbados over the recent days. She continued to lap up the best of what the Caribbean island has to offer on Monday, as slipped into a leopard-print halter neck bikini for a leisurely day at the beach. But, the glamorous ex-wife of Jeremy Clarkson was joined by a handsome mystery man, who went shirtless as he stepped out in swimming trunks for a cooling dip in the ocean. Frances is also a regular visitor to the island.

Net Worth and Career

Frances is very concerned about her personal life and keeps it secret. Not much is known about Frances prior to her marriage to Clarkson and she is not a very outspoken person, not even with regards to her career or background. However, she worked as Jeremy’s manager for the years. Frances has been credited as the main factor behind Clarkson's dramatic rise to fame and his general achievement. She worked with him for many years before they got married. She helped Clarkson to take his career from a not so popular motoring writer to an enormously significant TV personality and a creative commentator who many will remember for appearing alongside his partners’ James May and Richard Hammond on Top Gear.

Jeremy does not feel uncomfortable about flattering Frances for her hard work and determination. In an interview, he said that his wife organized his diary, got him in the right clothes, and reminded him when to be in and where to go when he was out. Many keep on praising Cain, for shaping Clarkson's career. Even Clarkson first wife, Alexandra James, approved that she felt that Frances deserved to get earn the credit.

Personal Life

Frances was married to Jeremy Clarkson in May 1993, in Fulham, United Kingdom. He was a writer, journalist, and broadcaster who is famous for presenting the hit motoring show “Top Gear”. The couple divorced in 2014. Frances has been spotted with a younger, attractive man while she was on her vacation. Cain has remained silent about the reason regarding divorce and has made no efforts to talk to the press or discuss her former marriage. The couple had three children – Finlo, Katya, and Emily Clarkson. When they two were in a relationship, Frances liked buying Jeremy cars as gifts. It was in 2007 when Clarkson bought Frances a Mercedes Benz 600 as a Christmas gift.


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