Father Fred Hurt & son Dustin Hurt with their crew in White Water Episode 8 “End of Day”

February 26, 2018Father Fred Hurt & son Dustin Hurt with their crew in White Water Episode 8 “End of Day”

Who is Fred Hurt and Dustin Hurt?

In the Episode 8 Gold Rush: White Water “End of Day” father and son together have done a crazy mining by going 10 feet down the running water. Dakota Fred Hurt and Dustin Hurt owed Todd Hoffman fifty thousand dollars to cover their running costs. It was not easy where the jagged bedrocks act as a natural sludge box which has had trapped golds and refractors.

Dustin's longest dive of the season

Firstly Dustin goes down in the running water and discovers the bedrock which powers him up to the longest dive of the season for 6 to 6.5 hours. Wes Richardson runs the concentration from Dustin’s epic dive to separate out the bedrock and golds. Where Fred hopes for the major golds in that location with good size of chunk stuff. But Dustin’s bedrock was a bust which was the saddest thing ever and it leads Dustin Heartbroken. Fred was too depressed to inform Todd about only a single ounce of gold in last 14 weeks.

The Dakota boys have no gold to pay off their debt. Fred was the in charge of finance and he spent every last time. But there was only clash between father and son since Fred says all those bills were for Dustin’s project. Meanwhile, they have fuel reserved which will last no more than 6 days. Fred has blown the budget and they have very little fuel to workout.

Fred gives a try

Then Fred makes the dive see if he succeeds where Dustin fails. He discovers a protective layer of hardpack and comes out with a false rock. Finally, they got something after struggling for 15 weeks. The other side fuel reserves were down to five days. Yet they had to work out a couple of more days to find out whether they are going to be rich or have wasted a lot of time. Dustin convinces Paul Richardson to go down and break through the bedrocks. Now, the success of the crew rests on Pauls dive. He uses the customized pick to break open the hardpack so that they can run it through the sludges. But the thick hardpack prevents them from getting to bedrock gold. They tried breaking the false rock down but was hard to break and decides to stop it. After the concentration of the little part they have broken, they found gold of worth around $1200. It leads Fred to think about it if the little-broken part has this much of gold then there must be a much larger amount of gold stuck under it.

Fred's dive is worth

Since the Dakota boys were running out of fuel, they had last chance to go through. They use air compression to smash the hard substance which is 100 times faster than a man breaking down the hard substance in a minute. They give their last effort for the gold and Fred goes down into the water to break through. But suddenly the rainwater rises. 73 years old Fred remains down in the flood with the latest weapons to crack down the hard substance. His decision to dive was worth, he broke the hardpack, but the bad news was the flow of water increases up to 20 inches in five minutes. Fred still was under water breaking the hard substance. Since water level kept increasing the crew pulls him back from the water. It took them 4months to dig down to bedrock gold. But in 5min the flood took their diversion which they have constructed for mining. But Fred’s dive was worth which resulted in a chunk of gold.

Final achievement

Adding to this week's chunky bedrock gold the crew sees the fruit of their seasons' labor more than half of which they made in last few days. Finally, they got 2 and a half ounces of golds which are worth 3 thousand dollars, but proof they were on the verge of millions. They all decide to come back again for it. 


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