Emma Bunton wiki: career, songs, net worth, personal life

January 19, 2018Emma Bunton wiki: career, songs, net worth, personal life

"Follow your passions and success will follow you": This verse perfectly applies to the Girl who found her passion for music and dance at the early age of 4 and becomes one of the famous role models for who wanted to be part of the music world. English songwriter, pop singer, actress and radio and television presenter; Emma Bee Bunton have versatile personality and very successful and rich singing Career.

Career of Emma Bunton

In 1994 at age of 17, Emma joined the all-female singing group ‘Touch,’ replacing Michelle Stephenson. The name “Touch” changed their name to the ‘Spice Girls’ shortly after. Having extremely youthful and girly appearance or being the youngest member of the group Emma was given the nickname "Baby Spice". The ‘Spice Girls’ quickly became the famous international pop phenomenon. After the 7 years of creativity, togetherness, success, popularity and also a witness of failure the Spice Girls announced their breakup in the year 2007. By then Emma Bunton gave more important to build the career on a solo pop singer.

She was signed to the label Virgin Records, who had also overseen the career of the Spice Girls. Solo album, A Girl Like Me, reached No. 4 on the U.K. Albums Chart. The same year Virgin released Bunton’s first single as a complete solo artist with the song “What Took ". It was a big hit, reached number one on the UK charts, where it stayed for two consecutive weeks. It also sold more than 250,000 units.

She also took footstep towards Films in the year 1997 as a "Baby Spice" in Spice World. Since then, "Yes You Can"(2001), Chocolate (2005) and "Absolutely Fabulous" in the year 2016 are films which she involved in. Emma Bunton also danced in Indian film "Pyar Mein Twist" in the year 2005. She is continuously working on movies along with radio presenter and judged many reality and talent shows.

Net worth of Bunton

“A Girl Like Me” in 2001 and her second album “Free Me” in 2004. Both Album has a successful history. Even then comparing Emma's success as a solo singing career is less than the career of being a member of Spice Girls. Bunton enjoyed a resurgence in money when in the year 2007 the Spice Girls reunited and gone on an international tour by which each girl of the group earned $20 million. Now she earns by hosting a radio and television shows and is sitting comfortably on a net worth of $30 million.

Personal life of Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton was born on born 21 January 1976 Finchley and grew up in the Woodside Park area of London. Her mother Pauline was a Karate instructor, and her father Trevor was a local milkman. Her parents divorced when she was 11 years old, after which Emma would spend the majority of her time with her mother. She has a younger brother, Paul James Bunton with whom she is very close.

Bunton is engaged to Jade Jones, her longtime partner, the former lead singer of R&B bands Damage and Cherry Black Stone. Emma Bee Bunton 41, is a mother of two adorable sons, Beau Bee Jones, nine, and Tate Bee Jones, five, living happily with her partner of almost two decades, Jade Jones.


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