Elvis Duran and the morning show: His bio, career, show cast, net worth, personal life

February 5, 2018Elvis Duran and the morning show: His bio, career, show cast, net worth, personal life

Who is Elvis Duran?

A renowned artist and media personality, Elvis Duran is best known for his show "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show" which has retained its reputation since 1996. Elvis Duran was born on 5th August 1964 in a suburb of Texas. A native Texan, Duran's career has spanned over more than 30 years making him one of the oldest radio personalities in the country.

How did Elvis Duran start his career?

Elvis Duran started off as a radio jockey at WIOQ situated in Philadelphia. He was seen serving as the program director for the station before his controversial dismissal from WIOQ. After this incident, he was heard at KBTS (known as KGSR presently) as morning show host. KBTS, situated in Austin, Texas, also was profited by the directorial skill of Duran. Elvis briefly worked for Z-93 before associating with Z100. Initially started in afternoon shift, he was moved to be hosting a morning show in 1996. Upon his takeover of the morning slot of Z100, Elvis Duran's show remained as the sip of morning tea for Americans expanding its network vigorously.  

Elvis Duran and the morning show

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show "EDMS" initially originated from WHTZ based in New York City. The channel, also known as Z100, syndicated the show EDMS to various other markets like Virginia, Cleveland and Richmond, Florida, Philadelphia and others through Premiere Radio Networks. The actual time slot of the show is 6 am- 9 am differing its airing according to the time zone of the place. The show was previously known as "Elvis Duran and the morning zoo" but the year 2008 saw the change in the name from a zoo to show, making it more listeners friendly and audience connecting. EDMS has various segments in it divided in daily, weekly and occasional. Daily segments consist of Morning Show horoscope, Phone Taps, Danielle's Entertainment Report, Headlines Hourly, Sound with Garrett, Around the Room, What's Trending and Wheel of Games. Weekly segments air shows like Way Back Wednesday Phone Tap, Top of Charts and Greg T's Topic Train. EDMS's occasional segment has various shows like The Girl Report with Webgirl Kathleen, Food News with Froggy, Moron Jeopardy, Flush the Format, Elvis Lists, College of Knowledge, The Man Council, Greg T-Man on the Streets and others.

Who is EDMS's show cast?

EDMS had many entertaining presenters like DJ Stefan, John Bell, Elliot Segal, Carolina Bermudez, previously, who left the show for other radio programs. The show is currently presented by numerous other hosts like Elvis Duran, Danelle Monaro, Greg T, Froggy, Garrett Vogel, Scotty B. Coaster Boy Josh, Ronnie Scalzo, Kathleen, Sam Yaritza and others where Uncle Johnny serves as a guest host sometimes.    

How much is Elvis Duran's Net worth?

This famous radio host and TV presenter have built a net worth of $4 million. Most of his riches come from the radio program which pays him the salary of whooping $300,000. Duran co-owns an entertainment company called Elvis Duran Group which unquestionably adds to his wealth. Duran also plays a regular guest in the famous Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Extra, Access Hollywood Lives and other TV shows which for certain has contributed to his fortune.

Who is in Elvis Duran's Personal Life?

Honored by LGBT community, Elvis Duran is currently living together with his soul mate Alex Carr in New York City. Carr is a zookeeper by profession and works as Staten Island Zoo. Duran was acknowledged as gay in 2010 after he publicly admitted to being one during the broadcast.

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