Elizabeth Smart bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

May 25, 2019Elizabeth Smart bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

Who is Elizabeth Smart?

Elizabeth Smart is the little girl of Lois Smart (mother) and real estate Edward Smart (father). She is an American child safety activist and contributor for ABC News.

In the Early Life of Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Ann Smart-Gilmour was born on the 3rd November 1987, in Salt Lake City,
Utah USA, and is a child safety activist and advocate but is probably still best
recognized from spending nine months in captivity after being abducted from her home
at the age of 14. She is also known as a special contributor for ABC News as well as an
author of the book entitled “My Story”. Her career has been active since 2006.
To talk about her early life, Elizabeth Smart spent her childhood with five siblings in a
Mormon family in her hometown, where she was raised by her father, Edward Smart,
who works as a real estate developer, and her mother, Lois Smart, who is a
homemaker. As a five-year-old girl, Elizabeth started playing the harp, which became
her greatest passion, and from middle school, she performed at various events,
including weddings and funerals as well as at the annual fall concert in Salt Lake City.
She went to Bryant Middle School and later to East High School in Salt Lake City. Upon
matriculation, she enrolled in Brigham Young University, graduating with a Bachelor of
Music in Harp Performance.

In the Career of Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart a child safety activist

Fig: Elizabeth Smart a child safety activist

This traumatic experience led Elizabeth to become a child safety activist and advocate
after she was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and Katie Couric. In 2008, she wrote a part
of the US Department of Justice’s survivors guide entitled “You Are Not Alone: The
Journey From Abduction To Empowerment”. Three years later, she established the
Elizabeth Smart Foundation, which helps the victims of abduction, and started
collaborating with other organizations including The Adam Walsh Child Protection &
Safety Act, and The National AMBER Alert among many others. During the same year,
she was rewarded with the Diane von Furstenberg Award, and was chosen to work as a
special contributor for ABC News. Furthermore, the crime committed against her
became the subject of the 2003 film entitled “The Elizabeth Smart Story”, which is
based on her father’s book with the same title. Her father also wrote the book “Bringing
Elizabeth Home”, while her uncle co-wrote, along with Lee Benson, the book entitled “In
Plain Sight: The Startling Truth Behind The Elizabeth Smart Investigation”. Elizabeth
published the memoir "My Story" in October 2013, where she made the kidnapping
popular. In 2017, on the 15th anniversary of her abduction, the TV film “I Am Elizabeth
Smart” was aired on the Lifetime channel, in which Alana Boden portrayed Elizabeth,
while Brian David Mitchell was played by Skeet Ulrich. To speak further about her
accomplishments, she published her second book entitled “Where There’s Hope:
Healing, Moving Forward, And Never Giving Up” in 2018. Thus, her net worth is
certainly rising.

How much is the net worth of Elizabeth Smart?

Elizabeth Smart in a show

Fig: Elizabeth Smart in a show

She is also known as a journalist and author of two books. So, if you ever wondered
how rich Elizabeth Smart is, it has been estimated by authoritative sources that the size
of her net worth is over $1.7 million.

In the Personal Life of Elizabeth Smart

 Elizabeth Smart with her husband Matthew Gilmour

Fig: Elizabeth Smart with her husband Matthew Gilmour

Elizabeth Smart has been married to Matthew Gilmour since 2012. She met her future
husband, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, while she was serving as a Mormon mission
in Paris, and they started dating. Their wedding ceremony was held in the Mormon Laie
Hawaii Temple on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. In 2015, Elizabeth gave birth to their
first child, a daughter, and two years later, they welcomed their second child, a son. In
June of 2018, the couple announced that they are expecting their third child.

Facts of Elizabeth Smart

On the 4th June of 2002, about an hour after midnight when Elizabeth was in the
bedroom which she shared with her younger sister, Mary Katherine, she was abducted
from her family house by Brian David Mitchell. She was forced to walk for hours through
the forest with him until they arrived in a camp, where his wife, Wanda Ileen Barzee,
was waiting for them. As already mentioned, Brian believed that he was a prophet, who
realized a wedding ceremony and declared Elizabeth to be his wife, after which he
raped her daily, along with his wife. They also drugged her and threatened her with
death if she tried to escape. The abuse lasted for the next nine months until her
abductors were arrested.

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