Dell Demps bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

June 2, 2019Dell Demps bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

Who is Dell Demps?

A former American professional basketball player, Dell Demps is New Orleans Pelicans acting vice president and general manager. Demps was a star player for San Antonio Spurs and Orlando Magic, the Golden State Warriors. Despite being an undrafted player, he is best known for making his NBA debut. In his profession and performances, he has always shown consistency. He is a trend-maker who has proved that nothing is impossible to achieve through his eight years of a basketball career.

In the Early Life of Dell Demps

Dell Demps was born in Long Beach, California, on February 12, 1970. He stands at 6 ft and 3 inches high and has a business master's degree. His childhood saw him grow alongside his sister, in an environment where both of them needed hard work and sacrifice to go side by side. His father had two jobs, and his mother used to work 8 to 10 hours a day just to have a house to live in, and it's the same where Dell is now living.

In the Career of Dell Demps

Dell Demps as NBA player

Fig: Dell Demps as NBA player

Dell began his journey by trying to become a basketball player in his high school but was unable to succeed. He finally came under the San Francisco Bay Area High School radar after constant hard work and dedication but was left with no scholarship offer to play major college basketball. He played in AAU basketball to gain more exposure, and he worked as a dishwasher to raise enough money for that. He was finally elected to go to Pacific University after which he was able to attract a few Division I programs. Dell managed to scratch and claw his way into the league despite being undrafted by an NBA in 1992. He made his NBA debut with Golden State during the regular season of 1993-94. Demps appeared in a total of 20 regular-season games with Golden State, San Antonio, and Orlando spread over three NBA seasons from 1993-96. In 2018, he had his No. 5 jersey retired from Pacific University for his outstanding career and contributions. As of now, Dell Demps serves as the New Orleans Pelicans' general manager.

How much is the net worth of Dell Demps?

Dell Demps in a program

Fig: Dell Demps in a program

Based on a number of considerations, annual basketball payments vary between $20,000 to tens of millions of dollars per year. While typical NBA players earn around $2million in salary, some with D-league crossover deals receive as little as $50,000. The salary cap for players from the National Basketball Association is around $100 million, although as of today no one has nearly that amount brought in anywhere. The top players are earning nearly $35 million. Outside the National Basketball Association, annual earnings for minor league teams can be less than $20,000 annually.

In the Personal Life of Dell Demps

 Dell Demps with his wife Anita Demps

Fig: Dell Demps with his wife Anita Demps

Happily married to his wife Anita Demps, Dell Demps has three beautiful children: Jourdan Johnson, Tre, and Riley Demps. One of his sons, Tre Demps, is an established basketball player who is associated with the basketball team of men from Northwestern Wildcats. Demp had been strong throughout his life and this was the reason for his successful professional and married life but, happiness did not last until 2008, Anita Demps suffered from a rare form of ovarian cancer and her mother Claudia Thomas from lung cancer. Later, she quickly spread ovarian cancer to her brain. She had her brain tumor removed on January 9, 2018, and she was limited to flying for two weeks. Claudia Thomas death was unbearable news for Anita after her surgery, but she never gave up on a strong man standing next to her and chose to set a positive example for her family.

Facts of Dell Demps

In France, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, and the Philippines, Demps also played. In the 1990s, Demps was a former import of PBA. He's been playing Shell and 7-Up.

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