David de Gea's bio: Career, News, Status, Team, Net worth, Personal life, Early life

June 14, 2018David de Gea's bio: Career, News, Status, Team, Net worth, Personal life, Early life

Who is David de Gea?

David de Gea Quintana is the Spanish footballer who plays the leagues for the club Manchester United and is a part of Spain football team as well.

How was the Early life of David de Gea?

Davidvde Geafig: David de Gea in his childhood

Born in Madrid as the son of the formal goalkeeper, David started playing football since from his early age. He had the aim of being a promising goalkeeper like his dad. Though his father supported him to chase his dreams in football, his mother wanted little Gea to focus on academics. However, football turned as first love for David. He had joined Atletico Madrid for his training in football and got training there until 2008. After that, he was ready and capable for the matches and upcoming games.

How and when did David de Gea start his Career?

David in his young agefig: David de Gea in his early days

David aimed to be an aspiring goalkeeper since from a kid. So, his talent and hard work from an early age paid off. He signed his first contract in football at a very early teenage. At 17, he signed a professional contract with Atletico. He made his first debut for the club at the age of 18 years. In his debut year 2009-10 seasons, he won two men of the match’s award as well. Atletico club got famous with the entrance of David. His immense focus as a goalkeeper attracted Manchester United club. The Manchester United club’s goalkeeper, Edwin Sar was about to retire at 2011. Therefore, the club had an eye on David. However, David extended his contract with Atletico until 2013 and shocked up everyone. His team and performance made his club win the UEFA super cup. Later David joined Manchester United in 2011 itself despite the contract with Atletico. He made his first debut in the club on July. After that, he played all the seasons for Manchester United fairly and with all the efforts.

As a goalkeeperfig: David de Gea trying to save the goal

He was a part of Spain’s under 17 teams as the youth. Afterward, he was also a part of the U-21 team. Though, he appeared in both the team as a youth and led the victory. He was also in the squad for the world cup 2014 and also in the world cup 2018 as well. After 2018 world cup, he had gone through many taunts and traumas by the media for not saving goals. However, the player yet holds a tag as one of the best goalkeeper and a promising player. During his career, he has made total 456 appearances from the club and internationally made 38 appearances. He has also won many awards during his career in which the most recent is premier league golden glove 2017-18 season.

What can be the Net worth of David de Gea?

David de's house fig: David de Gea's house and car

The player has currently a net worth of about $17 million. He earns approximately $12.4 million annually from his club. Besides it, he also earns from the endorsement of KIA and Adidas. He owns a huge mansion in Spain where he currently resides. Not only in Spain but he also has a house in the United Kingdom which is worth $3million. He owns several luxury cars among some of the brands like Chevrolets and Captiva.

Who is David de Gea married to?

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David was born on November 11, 1990, in Madrid, Spain. David was born at the ‘40s of his parents Mr. Jose De Gea and Mrs. Marivi de Gea. His father was a former goalkeeper and mother was the housekeeper. He is in a relationship with the Spanish singer Edurne Garcia Almagro who is five years older than him. In terms of health, David is farsighted i.e. hyperopic, so he uses powered contact lenses in order to play games unaffectedly.

The fit player is active on many social sites that include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram with lots of fan followers.

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