Daniel Gonzalo Pino's wife Lilly Pino Bernal: Her wiki, career, net worth

February 5, 2018Daniel Gonzalo Pino's wife Lilly Pino Bernal: Her wiki, career, net worth

Lily was born in Miami, Florida, United States and completed her high school at Rockway Middle School. Lily Pino is famous for her marriage with Daniel Gonzalo Pino or very commonly known as Danny Pino of Cold Case (Detective Scotty). She was an actress known by her maiden name Lily Bernal and famous for her acting performances in many theatre productions. She has not much of her carrier out of the theatre.

What made Lilly Pino Bernal to stop her Career?

Lily started out as an actress. She is known for her role as Rosa’s mother in the movie "Rosa" which was released in 2006. After that, she has never been seen in any of the big movies by the audience. Her other roles and credits are not known to media, in detail. She invested her fulltime in a lot of short films and theater productions. At the beginning of her acting career, she started with NYU Creative Arts team. Her the most famous and top plays include The Getty, Shim Chong, and many others. She toured to different places including the country Barber of Seville as Rosina with National Theatre of America. Besides acting, she loves music very much and has an interest in it. She herself composed and starred in Madrugada in Los Angeles. She used to tour many countries. After marriage, she stopped her acting career and became a full-time mother to her children. The main reason to stop pursuing her career is that she didn’t want to spend a lot of time away from her family touring. But wanted to give a bit more time to her family.

What might be Lilly Pino Bernal's Net worth?

It is assumed that she would have made a handful of money when she was in her prime in theatre productions. She was a part of many national tours but, she has not revealed her net worth to media. Some unofficial sources revealed that she has more than 100 thousand dollars which came from her acting career.

Who is Lilly Pino committed to in her Personal life?

Lily Pino was in love and dated Danny for a very long time before getting married in 2002. They are blessed with two children. They met each other when they were studying at Rockway Middle School after schooling even they went to the same college too. They had high school education in two different schools. It is not sure when they started dating. Lily never revealed about her love life and dating experiences with Danny. She is not known to have dated anyone apart from Danny. The same goes for him as well! She was a year younger to him in academics. There is very little that we know about her kids and family. Lily never wanted to talk with media persons about her personal life and keeps everything away from the media to protect their privacy. She now lives with Danny and her children in Los Angeles.


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