Dakota Fred Hurt's facts & wives. Who is Jennifer Sheets? What happen to his first wife?

February 4, 2018Dakota Fred Hurt's facts & wives. Who is Jennifer Sheets? What happen to his first wife?

Who is Dakota Fred?

Dakota Fred Hurt was firstly married to Lorrayne Frances. She was born on June 4, 1934, in Bergen, North Dakota. She was the daughter of Steven and Frances (Schatz) Leier. She married Fred but they never talked a lot about their marriage and dated too but also about their personal life. They owned and used to operate a collectible business, along with a construction company and were both very active in the local civic organization. She had a passion for collecting and going to auctions which brought her to the Minot Flea Market as a regular vendor and worked with her coffee buddies at the Truck Stop. However, she passed away on February 7, 2015, at 11 a.m. at the Thompson- Larson Funeral Home Chapel, Minot, ND while Fred was on his Season 4 of Gold Rush.


Who is Jennifer Sheets?

After Fred’s sad announcement, soon he recalled another good news that he was going to marry with next wife Jennifer Sheets, his Executive Assistant and cook for his mining crew! On July 30, 2016, Fred posted a picture of him and Jenifer on Facebook on his marriage ceremony. His marriage was also toured by ‘Gold Rush’ star “Tony Beets” and his wife “Minnie Beets”.


After marriage, Fred and Dustin Hurt managed to return to McKinley Creek, Alaska, which will be premiered on January 19, 2018.

Facts to Know about Dakota Fred Hurt

You must be willing to know the facts of Dakota Fred, which you are still known. Here are some of Fred’s facts.

  1. Is Dakota too old for Gold mining career?

You must be thinking that Fred is too old for his gold mining career, Dakota Fred is now in his seventies. But he his physically fit than many men of the same age which does not slow him down. Instead of regretting of his career he looks forward to the challenges involved in his chosen profession. He is a perfect example of all three, strength, endurance and physical fitness, required for remote areas.

  1. Dakota acts totally different as compared to “Gold Rush”

Dakota works on his new show “Gold Rush: White Water”, which is totally different from the parent series “Gold Rush”. Dakota Fred takes an entirely different tactic. He and his son work together to access the bottom of the river bed. They cross complete canyons via zip lines, to get to creek beds that are inaccessible by vehicle and in some cases, even by foot and through extreme conditions. They go right into McKinley Creek’s raging waters, where they believe the gold is located and use a dredge to suck up the materials for processing. It’s a lot different than the miners from “Gold Rush,” but the pair truly loves this pure form of extreme gold hunting.

  1. Dakota intention is not to become a rich person.

Hurt is not hunger for money, but have a passion for finding gold. He has spent a huge amount of gold mining in Alaska and has also worked too hard. Unfortunately, Fred and Dustin have been very fortunate and lucky enough to find enough gold too sustain their operation and keep them in business. They have also claimed to find $750,000 worth of gold out of one area alone.


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