Claire Foy bio: Latest news, Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

April 5, 2019Claire Foy bio: Latest news, Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

Who is Claire Foy?

Known for the act in series The Crown, Claire Foy today is a numerous award winner for her many works in movies along with series. British Actress Claire Foy is also a stage performer in theatre, along with on screen.

In the Early life of Claire Foy

Claire Foy got born on April 16, 1984, with full name as Claire Elizabeth Foy in Stockport England. Claire lived her initial childhood in Leeds & Manchester and later in Buckinghamshire with her two elder siblings & parents. The family moved to the new place due to dad David Foy’s job of sales, whereas mom Caroline was in Pharmacy work. Claire’s parents got divorced when were at her young her of eight.

Claire did her schooling in Aylesbury High School a girls’ grammar school and then studied acting as a diploma at the Liverpool John Moores University in 2007. Then moved to Peckham London and stepped her career life. Claire also did her graduation in 2017 from the Oxford School of Drama, where she appeared in several theater plays. Beside act field, Claire loved & aims to be a dancer, but this was not suitable due to her juvenile arthritis health problem. Claire was of angry nature during her teenage and she states that acting helped her to cope up her anger as well as loved to express herself through acting. While remembering early days, Claire says she loved her childhood as well as her family but had a hard time financially which made her do small less skilled or non-acting working, until she got into her professional career of acting.


In the Career of Claire Foy

 Claire Foy in THE CROWN Tv series

Fig: Claire Foy in THE CROWN Tv series

Claire Foy debuted her series career as well as theatre stage play in 2008 but did her first film role in 2011. Claire played in Being Human a comedy series of BBC in 2008 and also in a stage play The Miracle in London at the National Theatre on the same year. On the movie side, Season of the Witch was her debut movie. Among her numerous plays till date, The Crown series 2016-2017 come on top highlight which sparkled her popularity brighter giving her international recognition along with tagging her some awards. Her role here depicting as Queen Elizabeth II made her win awards like Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globe 2017, BAFTA/LA Britannia Award 2017 as British Artist of the Year and also Emmy Award 2018. All the awards & numerous nominations are the results of Claire’s hard work & passion for her work. Her personal situation was never an excuse to skip work. She was seen busy working even in her pregnancy & motherhood period on set.

How much is the net worth of Claire Foy?

Gorgeous Claire Foy

Fig: Gorgeous Claire Foy

Despite no clear state of Claire Foy’s earning, her net worth is estimated of around $4 Million. Love & dedication towards work has made her a millionaire today.

In the Personal life of Claire Foy

 Claire Foy with her husband Stephen Campbell Moore

Fig: Claire Foy with her husband Stephen Campbell Moore

Humble soul Claire Foy loves to live as normal being rather celebrity lifestyle and also says she doesn’t want to spotlight her personal life. On marital status, Claire Foy’s married life reads from 2014 to 2018 with British Actor Stephen Campbell Moore. The pair met on the set of film Season of the Witch of 2011 and their married life had a daughter named Ivy Rose, born in 2015. Interestingly, despite being separate, currently, the couples care the daughter Ivy together.

Latest news of Claire Foy

Latest news on Claire Foy highlights on the series The Crown where she played the role of Queen Elizabeth II, including awards & nomination titled to her. The pay gay issue is read on the series news where Claire was paid less than a co-worker, despite being center of the story, which also underlined the gender discrimination topic and money promised to pay her to balance this matter is still in pending. It is also read that successor of Claire in her role as older Elizabeth II was officially handed to Olivia Colman a good actress.

Facts about Claire Foy

  • Claire is so deep fan of Pride and Prejudice (1995) that she has seen it about four thousand times and she can voice every single line of it.
  • Claire got counted in the list of Future 55 Faces on Young Hollywood Issue of Nylon Magazine (May 2010).

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