Who is Carel Struycken's wife? Bio, Career, Net worth, Disease, Early life, Facts

February 28, 2019Who is Carel Struycken's wife? Bio, Career, Net worth, Disease, Early life, Facts

Who is Carel Struycken?

Carel Struycken is a movie, television and stage actor from the Netherlands. He is best known in the movies The Addams Family, Addams Family Values and Addams Family Reunion for playing the Giant/ Fireman in Twin Peaks, Mr. Homn in Star Trek: The NexGeneration, and Lurch.

How was the Early life of Carel Struycken?

On 30 July 1948 Struycken was born in The Hague, Netherlands. He was raised there until the age of 4 when his family left for Curaçao in the Netherlands Antilles. When he was 15 and living on the island of Curaçao, the actor got involved in music and so, he composed some Carribean waltzes. According to Struycken, he hopes to add some more music and come up with an album sometime in the near future.

He moved back to his home country by the time he was 16, where he continued his education and then went to a film school in Amsterdam. After studying directing his high school he attended the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

When and how did Carel Struycken start his Career?

Carel Struycken in his early career Fig: Carel Struycken in his early career

In the musical comedy film 'Sgt,' Struycken made his film debut playing a supporting role. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' (1978), where he depicted a character henchman named Mr. Mustard and was directed by Michael Schultz. It was a commercial success, but it received critics' as well as negative reviews. His first major role was in the 1984 film ‘The Prey'. This film was about a group of campers who are stalked and killed by an unknown culprit. The film was directed by Edwin Brown and was met with mixed reviews.

The following year, he was seen in an important role in the TV film ‘Ewoks: The Battle for Endor'. The show earned an Emmy Award. In the 1987 to 1992 sci-fi TV  series 'Star Trek: The Next Generation,' Struycken played a small role. He also appeared in the movies 'The Eastwick Witches' (1987), 'The Kickfighters Night' (1988) and the 'Framed' (1990) television movie.

Carel Struycken in the movie Men in black Fig: Carel Struycken in the movie Men in Black

His popularity grew after he appeared in the popular TV series 'Twin Peaks'. The series followed a homecoming queen's murder investigation by the FBI and later was a huge success, winning multiple Emmys, Golden Globes and also a Grammy Award. He gained extra attention for his role in 'The Addams Family' after playing a supporting role in the horror film 'Servants of Twilight' in 1991. The film was a huge commercial success, directed by Barry Sonnenfield. He took up his role in the sequel 'Addams Family Values' two years later. He appeared in numerous feature films and television films over the next two decades, including 'Oblivion' (1994), 'Oblivion 2: Backlash' (1996), 'Men in Black' (1997), 'Enemy Action' (1999), 'Fatal Kiss' (2002), 'The Fallen Ones' (2005) and 'Trophy Heads' (2014). He was last seen in the 'Gerald's Game' psychological horror film of 2017.

How much is the Net worth of Carel Struycken?

As a Dutch actor, Carel, 70, enjoys the heavy net worth of $3 million. His 1997 movie Men in Black, according to Box Office Mojo, grossed a $589.4 million box office in only a $90 million production budget. Likewise, from his appearances in The Addams Family, Twin Peaks, Star Trek: The Next Generation and more, he collected a decent amount of payrolls.

Who is Carel Struycken married to? In his Personal life

Dutch actor Carel sees the U.S. as his home where his wife lives. He's married to an American lady, but he's preferred to low-key the details of his married life. In an interview with Retro LadyLand in August 2014, Struycken said people approach his wife and children when he's on a family outing and start asking questions about him. Carel remembered the moment, saying that 'he was fine,' even though people were 'thinking him as an alien.' Carel has two grown-up kids with his wife; a son and a daughter. His two children have a medical background. His daughter was in her first year of postgraduate medical training at the end of 2011, and his son was getting ready to apply for medical school. The native of the Hauge describes his son as the keeper of his public events. Carel resides in the Los Angeles area with his family-of-three. He loves gardening and veganism follow.

Carel Struycken's Disease

Carel Struycken disease Fig: Carel Struycken's disease

The actor has distinctive facial characteristics and height is due to acromegaly — he is 7 feet tall. Acromegaly is a disorder resulting from excess growth hormone (GH) following the closure of growth plates. It is initially characterized by hands and feet widening. The forehead, jaw, and nose may also be enlarged and the person may also suffer from joint pain, thicker skin, deepening of the voice, headaches, and problems with vision. Complications of the disease may include type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure. The disorder is typically due to too much growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. The excess production is due to a benign tumor, known as a pituitary adenoma, in more than 95% of cases. The condition is not hereditary from the parents of a person. After diagnosis, pituitary medical imaging is performed to search for an adenoma. The result is giganticism when excess growth hormone is produced during childhood.

Treatment options include tumor removal surgery, drugs, and radiation therapy. Surgery is usually the preferred treatment, and when the tumor is smaller it is most effective. Those affected live on average less than 10 years without treatment; however, life expectancy is usually normal with treatment. In the middle age, it is most commonly diagnosed. Equally frequently, males and females are affected.

Facts about Carel Struycken

  • He is also an avid photographer and has a keen interest in gardening
  • Struycken is a vegetarian. 

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