Britney Spears son Sean Federline's bio: Career, Net worth, Childhood, Parents divorce

January 6, 2019Britney Spears son Sean Federline's bio: Career, Net worth, Childhood, Parents divorce

Who is Sean Federline? Also his career progression

The divorce feud between the parents of Sean Federline left him and his siblings in the line of crossfire. But twelve years after the end of his parent's relationship, Sean lives a great life with a loving father and a good time with his mother.

The California - born celebrity child is mostly known in the world as Britney Spears' eldest son, but he has had few TV appearances of his own, including mini-series with his parents, 'Britney & Kevin: Chaotic’, and a TV documentary about his mother, ‘I Am Britney Jean’.

How was the Childhood of Sean Federline?

Sean Federline with mom Britney Spears at the age of eighteen Fig: Sean Federline with mom Britney Spears at the age of eighteen

Sean Preston Federline was born on 14 September 2005 in Santa Monica, California and is the eldest son of pop star Britney Spears and her former husband, Kevin Federline. Sean has a younger brother Jayden Federline, and four other half-siblings, Kori Madison Federline and Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline from his father's relationship with Shar Jackson. While Peyton Marie Federline and Jordan Kay Federline from his relationship with Victoria Prince.

What happened to Sean Federline Parents marriage?

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Fig: Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

The scene around the marriage of his parents could only be described as a storm of relationship breaking and forming. The relationship between Britney and Kevin began soon after Kevin broke up with Shar Jackson, his long-term friend, and fiancé, and while she was still pregnant with his second child.

In the midst of people who criticized Kevin for engaging with someone else. While Shar was pregnant with his child, he and Britney were married only two months after the date.

The story behind Sean Federline parents divorced

However, their marriage spiraled as quickly as it escalated. A couple of months after the birth of Sean's younger brother, Britney served him a divorce. One of the ugliest custody struggles for their two young children began.

In the request for a divorce, both Britney and Kevin wanted Sean and Jayden to be full custody. Kevin was initially given only the physical custody of the two children. But when Britney refused to give up her children under the influence of a substance, Kevin was given complete physical and legal custody. Where Britney was only given the right to visit. At one point in a serious twist of events, Kevin's brother, Christopher Federline, claimed that he was Sean's true son, not Kevin. However, nobody commented on this matter.

Sean Federline's Net worth and his living hood

Kevin Federline and his boys Sean Preston and Jayden James Fig: Kevin Federline and his boys Sean Preston and Jayden James

Apart from the feud of his parents, Sean and his siblings have a great life together. As much as he is criticized for his relationship choices, Kevin Federline is a great father and brought up his children with love and care.

In addition, Sean and his siblings are the heirs of Kevin's $6 million net worth. But more importantly, Sean is one of the only two heirs of the unbelievable $215 million net worth of his mother. Sean may have seen worse days in his early age because of the feud between his parents. But now it seems that everything is back to normal for him-as normal as it is for the son of Britney Spears.

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