Ben Hansen bio, Career, Personal life, Early life, Net worth, Facts

February 19, 2019Ben Hansen bio, Career, Personal life, Early life, Net worth, Facts

Who is Ben Hansen?

Ben Hansen is an American TV host and a former special agent of the FBI. He is widely recognized for his roles in the paranormal shows Spacing Out! And either Fact or Faked. In addition, Hansen also appeared on Declassified UFOs and contributed to the  Huffington Post.

In the Early life of Ben Hansen

Utah native Ben Hansen was born on 23 September 1977. His sign is Capricorn. By nationality, he is an American and of white ethnicity. Hansen was raised by his parents alongside his five siblings. During his early years, Hansen's dad enrolled him in sports, while his mother enrolled him in trumpet and piano lessons as well as in music. Ironically, his mother was also the one who taught him how to shoot a gun, a camp and a fish, while his dad preferred a life lesson on the court and baseball field. Hansen also graduated with honors from the University of Utah with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Criminology.

In the Career of Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen with Fact or Faked member

Fig: Ben Hansen with Fact or Faked member

After completing his college, Hansen started trying new things, mainly if it involved earning certifications and licenses and also he is enthused by TV shows like The X-Files, Hansen is interested in both a desire to work in the public service for an investigative agency and a keen desire to explore mysteries.

In addition, Ben served in several private and public agencies, including investigating child sex crimes and severe physical abuse. His passion and dedication to work later led him to serve as a special agent for the FBI. In addition, his stint at the state and federal levels gave him over six years of formal experience in investigating a wide range of crimes and national security details. As of now, Hansen is known for his roles in the paranormal show Spacing Out! And either Fact or Faked. In addition, he also appeared on UFOs declassified and contributed to the Huffington Post.

In the Personal life of Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen, the former FBI special agent, rarely shares his personal life and tries to keep it under his wraps. Due to his secluded personal life, his fans once assumed that he was in a secret relationship with Kris Williams, the star of Ghost Hunters. After Ben became aware of the speculation, he made sure he talked about the rumor. on 7 October 2010, on his one of the tweets, he responded sarcastically stating that the rumor of he and Kris getting married is interesting.

The rumors soon faded after Ben revealed on his tweet about his romantic affair with his possible girlfriend. On 13 December 2010, he tweeted that he was watching the Tron sneak peek with his date, Kelli. But later, he stopped posting about Kelli, who was supposed to be his love interest. In the meantime, the TV host captured the attention of the audience when, in his tweet on 7 November 2012, he almost married. While Ben's flourishing love affair was still a mystery to his admirers, his amazing wedding blew the minds of all his fans. In May 2015, he married his long-time girlfriend, Kelli Hansen, in an intimate marriage. With Ben and Kellie's triumphant marriage ceremony, the couple started receiving countless congratulatory messages from their well-wishers.

After a few months of their wedding, on 10 November 2015, Ben finally released his beautiful wedding videos on YouTube. As seen in the video, he wore a gray suit and a white shirt with a tie, while the bride was wearing an elegant wedding gown. Currently, Ben could enjoy a warm relationship with his wife, keeping things close to her heart.

How much is the net worth of Ben Hansen?

Ben Hansen during show

Fig: Ben Hansen during show

Ben Hansen, 41, has earned a prominent share of his net worth from his performances. Since 2010, the FBI-turned-TV host has accumulated revenue as the host of the Syfy Network's "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files." He also made his debut in the 2016 Paranormal Lockdown. After receiving a bachelor's degree, he got his first job in an SVU task force in the State of Utah. He later became a criminal investigator and served for the FBI.

Facts about Ben Hansen

He is a licensed pilot, a falconer, and a SCUBA diver. He's speaking Spanish and actively surfs a social site such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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