Andy Bassich bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

May 22, 2019Andy Bassich bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

Who is Andy Bassich?

American television personality, Andy Bassich is a reputable National Geographic Channel star who grabbed worldwide fame after his groundbreaking appearance in the Life Below Zero documentary series. He's also a musher so far taking care of more than 37 sled dogs in Alaska.

In the Early Life of Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich was born in Washington, DC, the USA in 1958 where, before moving to Alaska, he spent his childhood and early age. His ethnicity is white and his nationality is American. Bassich took part in John F. High school for Kennedy. Bassich started working as a carpenter to support his family after graduating from high school. He later moved to Alaska and started hunting for dogs.

In the career of Andy Bassich

 Andy Bassich as Geographic star

Fig: Andy Bassich as Geographic star

Bassich's house was swept away by a flood from the Yukon River in the early summer of 2009. The devastating flood, including his property, houses, and tools, took away everything he had. Andy moved to Washington D.C. after the flood. Where he stayed before returning to the Alaskan bush for a while. At the time, the BBC approached him to launch the Life Below Zero documentary series. After his appearance on the documentary series, Bassich came to the limelight. The show was first aired on the National Geographic Channel in 2013 and more than four seasons have been completed to date. Through the show, Andy and other stars including Sue Aikens, Jessie Homes, and Agnes Hailstone showed the world the different struggles they are facing to meet ends. Andy Bassich spent about two years in the Yukon River before moving to Alaskan Bush later to start a new life. He started using the raw materials at his disposal when he first arrived there to make a residence for himself. He also started a survival school with more than 26 sled dogs and a dog mushing school. Andy grows and harvests everything he eats and hunts and brews everything he drinks. The man also taught himself all the important things for his survival, including making his own bullets, solar chamber, knives, and building.

How much is the net worth of Andy Bassich?

Despite living in the cold and lonely Alaskan Wilderness, the reality star on television leads a luxurious lifestyle that clearly shows he is making a huge sum of money from the numerous television series in which he appears. Andy Bassich has an estimated net value of $250,000 as of 2018. It is reported that the musher makes about $100,000 from his Live Below Zero roles and charges about $2,500 per person.

In the Personal Life of Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich with his wife Kate Rorke

Fig: Andy Bassich with his wife Kate Rorke

Andy Bassich married Kate Rorke, his long-term girlfriend, who after their wedding took his last name. Kate was born in 1956 in the U.S. She developed a keen interest in conducting research and following her education; she went to Alaska where she spent twelve years conducting research. Andy met Kate a long time ago in Dawson City, Alaska. The couple tied the knot in 2003 after several years of a successful relationship. Between 2013 and 2016, the couple starred together in the documentary series. Andy's lifestyle was a great fit for adventure-loving Kate. Because of Alaska's freezing nature, the couple spends most of their mornings drinking hot drinks and during the day, Andy would collect firewood and water from the Yukon River that he uses to generate power during the night.

Facts of Andy Bassich

He was in controversy because his ex-wife Kate Rorke Bassich was verbally and physically abused and the couple left in 2016.

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