Amanda Dawn Mandy Teefey Selena’s mom: early life, age, family

December 27, 2017Amanda Dawn Mandy Teefey Selena’s mom: early life, age, family

Who is Amanda Dawn?

Mandy Teefey, as a mom, is a real hero for Selena Gomez. She was the one who supported Selena Gomez’s backbone and helps her to raise the peak of her victory. But according to the reports, she has big concerns about her daughter getting back with Justin Bieber. Is Bieber the main reason to block her child? Check out his biography to find out the reasons.

Mandy's Early Life and Career

Mandy Teefey was born on April 16, 1976, Dallas in Texas. Mandy Teefey’s age is 41. She was born an orphan and later adopted by Debbie Jean (nee Gibson) and David Michael Cornett. She graduated from South Grand Prairie High School.

Mandy always wanted to be an actress and threw herself into the theater from an early age and then became a teenage theater actress. She began acting in roles by the time she was a teenager. When Mandy turned 16, she got pregnant by her then-boyfriend, Ricardo Joel Gomez and gave birth to her first child Selena Gomez. While Selena was 5, her father left them and they ran into financial problems. Gomez remembers how they survived by eating macaroni and cheese for their meals because Teefey did not like to ask money from her parents.

Selena states about her mom, “She was very strong and very courageous. She was only 16 years old and that was a huge responsibility. My mother dropped everything for me; she had three different jobs, she supported me and she sacrificed her life for me.”

Mandy started to work as a coordinator on animated projects like Lucas, and despite him with the productions DNA to Irving in 2004. Later in 2006, she founded his own production company named July Moon Productions in Dallas and Los Angeles.

Reasons behind “Disliking” Bieber

Gomez family was always against Justin Bieber. Although Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber current relationship seem to be going strong and have been on-again-off-again for a long time, they believe she deserves a man who treats her right. Teefey also reportedly feels the same.

According to reports, Teefey needed some medical attention after a long discussion with her daughter about dating her ex. She also claimed that she was very happy when Selena was in relation with beau The Weeknd.

Although she has blocked her little princess from Instagram she cannot block her from the heart.

Personal Life

Mandy tied a knot with her longtime mate, Brian Teefey in May 2006. After a breakdown in December 2011, Mandy gave birth to a daughter, named Gracie Elliot Teefey. She also serves as a manager of Selena Gomez.

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