Alex Greenwald is gay? His bio, Movies, Net worth, Personal life, Facts

June 7, 2019Alex Greenwald is gay? His bio, Movies, Net worth, Personal life, Facts

Who is Alex Greenwald?

An American record producer, musician, and actor, Alex Greenwald is best known as the lead singer of the California rock band phantom planet.

Alex Greenwald's Early life

Alexander Greenwald was born to a Jewish family in Los Angeles, California, on October 9, 1979. He inherited his artistic instinct from his mother, an abstract painter. She also worked as a part time guitar teacher. When he was a child, she taught Alex to play the instrument. When his mother noticed that Alex had developed a keen interest in music, she built him a clapsichord from a kit. Alex gives his mother all the credit for his interest in music. When he entered his teenage years, Alex began to look for ways to start a career in music. He and his classmate Jason Schwartzman were good friends. After changing schools, they lost contact. However, when Alex was 14 years old, they got in touch again. Jason remembered that Alex could sing, and thus told Alex that they needed a lead singer for their band,' Phantom Planet.' Alex soon joined the band. They began jamming and performing at small events.

Alex Greenwald's Career in music and movies

Alex Greenwald as a singer

Fig: Alex Greenwald as a singer

The band 'Phantom Planet' was formed in 1994 and soon afterward began to perform. It initially had four members. The band's name was taken from a 1961 B-film called 'The Phantom Planet,' which had its first show in Hollywood in 1994. A handful of people attended the show. Phantom Planet' continued to play music in Hollywood and surrounding areas. A' Geffen Records ' executive, who loved their talents and energy, contacted them and offered them a contract with the label in 1997.

The band released their debut album 'Phantom Planet Is Missing' the next year.’ They received average reviews. Artists such as 'Weezer' and 'The Beach Boys' has inspired the band so much. Their first album was a big failure and could not impress their listeners or stir the market. However, the band members continued to perform at different venues. This led to a slight increase in popularity.

A single became a youth anthem from the album California. It became so popular that the creators of the series 'The O.C' chose it as the theme of the series. The album was re-released in 2003 with a few bonus tracks. The song 'California' had become extremely popular by then and the re-release boosted the album's sales. In 2004, the band released their third album, 'Phantom Planet,' which was a huge departure from the kind of music they had on their previous albums. The third album had much more aggressive "garage rock" sounds. The album received mixed reviews from critics and was moderately successful.

How much is the net worth of Alex Greenwald?

Greenwald has a net worth of 5 million dollars. No more details are available about his other assets such as a car, mansions, lands, etc. Also, his earning details are not publicly disclosed.

Alex Greenwald is gay?

 Alex Greenwald with Brie Larson

Fig: Alex Greenwald with Brie Larson

Alex Greenwald has been a vegetarian since he was a teenager. He also appeared in two 'PETA' commercials. He once said that he became a vegetarian after he challenged his high school girlfriend to quit meat if she stopped smoking. His girlfriend started to smoke again, but by then Alex had become a hardcore vegetarian. Alex started dating actress Brie Larson in 2013. In 2016, the couple announced their commitment.

Alex Greenwald's Facts

39 years old Alex has a sun sign: Libra and is 1.8m tall. As from source after dating for almost five years with his girlfriend Brie Larson have broken up.

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